Sunday, August 1, 2010

And now for something just a bit different.

How cool would it be to play PJ Harvey's Man-Size on the ukulele?

I could not find the right chords do it so I dropped a line to my musician pal and fellow PJ Harvey fan, Tom Zav and he replied with this:

There are basically two riffs, first is
G -> Bflat -> Am and then the second is G -> F -> Bflat
now try to figure out the counts. You can follow it until you get to the 'Got my girl.." they they do something really off, adding a beat inbetween the G and F. These counts are insane. I'm amazed at how this is written.

try counting like this
1-2 3-4 1-2 3-4
1-2 3-4

Ya know what? It works! Give it a try.

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